Monday, March 05, 2012

Badminton Racket Launch: Carlton Kinesis

And just when you thought they've gone the way of the dinosaur.

After a lackluster performance from the Prototype Razor, Carlton comes along with a racket that literally adds a twist to your game.

The Kinesis has a twisted frame at the 2, 5, 7, 10 O'Clock positions as well as at the T-joint to add to the aerodynamics of your swing. It promises faster speed, which remains true to the Carlton motto - Specialists at Speed.

Carlton Kinesis
Length: 670mm
Frame Weight: 86g (3U)
Flex: Medium
Balance: Even
Max String Tension: 31lbs (!)

Can't wait to try this out. Hope they bring it into Singapore!

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Anonymous said...

is it brought into singapore already?

Arthur Wong said...

Not that I know of dude... :)

Tony said...

Really hope you get your hands on one soon, because I'd love to read a good review about it. I'm very happy with my powerblade Elites, but the new Kinesis looks promising enough for me to consider upgrading at least two of them to this one for the upcoming new season over here. Someone posted concerns about torsion issues though so I'm still waiting for a good review to convince me it's a racket worth spending money on.

Arthur Wong said...

You and me both dude.. unfortunately, the Carlton brand of rackets are really hard to come by this part of the world.

Here's keeping the fingers' crossed!